Saturday, 16 March 2013

Chaffinch time at Beacon Hill Reserve

Yesterday's route was the 8 mile circuit out to Coddington along Barnby Lane. The A1 flyover kestrel was absent, and only a few Blue and Great Tits decorated the hedgerows. Hordes of crows and woodpigeons sat plumply upon the farmland, but there were no fieldfares or yellowhammers.

All seemed quiet. The power lines and telegraph cables were empty, awaiting the arrival of the swallows and martins. No sign of those yet, the Hirundids are not stupid birds and will be watching the weather forecasts with interest. They probably will arive in June and leave in July, if they bother visiting our windswept isles at all.

Things were cheerier in Beacon Hill reserve, where large flocks of chaffinches were flitting off the farmland and into the trees, then back again, all the way along the farmland path and making a heck of a racket while they were at it too. Above a watery sun was tying to shine through some sickly looking clouds. But all in all, there wasn't too much wrong with the world.

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