Thursday, 14 March 2013

Carpets of crocuses

Today went for an early run under crystal skies. There were bullfinches on Clay Lane, given away as they flew from my thumping footfall by their flashing white rumps. And above Beacon Hill Reserve, those three buzzards were soaring on the wind updraft from that North West side of Beacon Hill, turning endlessly against a beautiful azure background, no doubt spying upon the plump rabbits and perhaps newborn kittens as they poke their ears and noses out of their warrens.

But, having seen them as I ran through the cemetery, I had to go back with my camera and take some pictures of the beautiful purple and white crocuses absolutely carpeting the ground. I was watched by a cheeky squirrel disposing of acorns from atop a gravestone, quicksilver tail twitching...

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