Thursday 3 January 2013

Mystery birds have moved elsewhere

Those mystery birds, and I'm pretty sure they were the same species as I saw up on Beacon Hill, were flitting about high tree tops along the Elm Avenue side of Newark Cemetery. The light was again poor, so no clear view again, my researches last time led me to believe they are Bramblings however. Not as many of them as in Beacon Hill, maybe a flock of about 20 birds.

As I reached Balderton Lake, something else cuased me to reverse course in a hurry, no easy task on the muddy paths that have been the bane of my running life this winter. There was a very hybridised Goose sailing along with a group of Canadas - the beak was orange, like a Greylag, and the body was sort of striped in Grey, like a Zebra would have been had the gods spilt white paint in the black pot. A very strange looking bird.

And then, as I ran round the dreary suburbia at the back of the lake, I watched the crows going home after a hard day scavenging on the new industrial estate behind the Tawny Owl and perhaps the rubbish tip. Used to watch an endless parade of crows doing this when I worked in Bilborough - sunset everyday, hundreds of crows would fly over from the south after a hard day's crowing about, heaven knows where they had been.

Up on Beacon Hill, it was too dark to see much, but I did enjoy listening to Radio 4 when I was out running! How long ti took me to learn to love Radio 4. What a fool I was!

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