Tuesday 8 January 2013

Abortive visit to RSPB Langford Lowfields

THis was a new adventure to me...up nice and early, stymied by the dary, so had to sit on my hands for a bit before I could set off on my first ever winter cycling trip to Langford Lowfields. I announced thus on twitter, and headed off, underneath an excited flock of twently long tailed tits  off Barnby Gate; past a kestrel rising from the woodland next to Beacon Hill and trying not to look at it for fear of being involved in an accident; and along the road in Winthorpe and Langford, with Great Tits, Blue Tits and Chaffinches baubling the hedgerows.

Large flocks of pigeons rose from the Somme like muddy fields, crows dotted an electricity line. I turned onto the N64 route through the boingy gate, and just enjoyed being out on my bike on a supposed winter's day. I was even sweating.

Uh oh. Bad news. Alarm bells as I tuend a corner on the path, and found that the sandy field on the west side of the site was almost entirely underwater as four swans glided over (no way of telling if they were the Whoopers on site!). I carried on, through more boingy gates hoping I'd be able to get onto the east side of the site, but it was as boggy as hell. And then, the new path works had closed the entirety of the east side path - minor quibble about this being a bit excessive as I couldn't see anyone working for two hundred yards at least and I'm not sure how a new hardcover track would fall on my head.

Sad. But not a wasted journey, because being outside for free is never wasted. I look forward to seeing how the site improvements pan out.

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