Sunday 13 January 2013

Thrush Confusion Leads to Panic

...well not really, but it was an example of my tendency to "exotify" birds sometimes, when I can't make a clear identification.

Was at work, in the horrible little upstairs canteen where thankfully the cockroaches are on holiday and Top Gear re-runs on Dave are compulsory, when decided to have a little gaze out of the window into the fog and look for Kestrels.

Nothing on the sky, but hopping about on the grasscrete by the water towers and mysterious utility things that have little bearing on our workplace until they catch fire, were a few thrushes, hunting for goodies on the lightly snowed on ground.

I say thrushes. I don't specify any further because these birds were a little too far away to identify. But identify them I did, thirty times a minute, and in constant flux.

Redwing...Song Thrush...ah white underparts Fieldfare, no I fancy I see a red blush there Redwing...Redwing and Fieldfares more likely to be off the ground? Song Thrush...etc etc etc etc Song Thrush REdwing Fieldfare.

I have no real idea. Other than that there wer about 8 of them pottering about, and they were a wonderfully distracting watch

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