Thursday 27 December 2012

Happy Christmas! But I'm Still Walking and Running

So, after a muddy pre xmas eve with the pretty mystery birds I'm told were probably Bramblings, xmas eve itself was a day off.

Christmas Day I walked for an hour first thing in the morning to look for interesting things at London Road lake and to have a look at the floods. Well London Road Lake was full of folk feeding the ducks - a fair few Tufteds in evidence and that odd domestic duck that has settled in with the mallards.

The floods were, well, floody. The path across Riverside Park was blocked completely by water a good 8 feet over its normal level at least. No interesting life forms about, but it was a beautiful feeling to be out walking on Christmas Day, on a crisp, grey morning and nothing to do AND THUS NO STRESS!

Boxing Day was a proper 7 plus miles, round and abouts, usually through thick mud. Balderton Lake was quiet, with a solitary and rather black looking Great Crested Grebe cruising the East side of the lake. I headed past London Road Lake with all the usual suspects, then found some pretty glorious mud as I headed up to Beacon Hill and onto the reserve, where an unhelpful middle oldster told me not to go on. "You can't go there it's full of mud". Well, I was on a mission to find those bramblings again, and as I squelched along I was hoping to flush them out again. No joy however, and all was quiet apart from a few Great Tits in the copse past the nursery.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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