Tuesday 18 December 2012

Through boggy marshy fields and not beyond

<p>Two days ago went on a very satisfying, very wet trip to willow holt and back along the river. My feet got a soaking and my reeboks were caked in mud, but I was outside, listening to radio 4 and I was happy.</p>
<p>Also very happy were the swans munching on the farmers crops opposite the power station. Unlike mr goose who copped it a couple of weeks ago these oddly landlocked mute swans are immune from the gun, beloved as they are of the queen.

A cormorant was coasting along by the power station weir, not hunting, not diving, just showing like a carved from wet jet relic.

A kestrel swooped past the river section of the holt. There might have been a buzzard sat in a tree, never got a clear look at it.

Yesterday saw another cormorant in action this time, on the nottingham canal. Flocks of all sorts visible from the train, fieldfares by the railway station, and then right by my home, a handsome redwing in a berry tree. A decent antidote to frantic christmas shopping!

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