Saturday 9 June 2012

Watership Down Apocalypse

I've just come back from a very very pleasant evening run, the low sinking sun even deigned to make an appearance, that bright yellow thing about as rare to the eye as it was in April.

The owner slash leaseholder of London Road lake has been complaining in the local newspaper that waterfowl and fish have been poached from the lake - this is the same guy who put up "Don't Eat the Swans" signs a few years ago aimed at the local Eastern Europeans - and I have to say the lake has been bereft of its usual mallard populations. But I'm not seeing many Coots, Moorhens and Canada Geese either, it could be poaching, it could be a lot of birds are nesting in the reeds.

A few swifts about, not many swallows. House Martins have a few nests on the Chinese Restaurant at Beaumond Cross!

What is about, on Beacon Hill Reserve, are rabbits. Huge numbers of rabbits, more than I've ever seen. Most of them clocked me a long way off, and suddenly 50-60 white backsides were high-tailing it for the copses on the reserve boundary. Many are very young kittens.

I'm very surprised not to see more raptors hovering overhead, or startled a prowling fox. Because there are a lot of pies running about out there!

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