Sunday 24 June 2012

There be Damsels Here

Just back from a pleasant little bike ride while all this soccerball stuff goes on - I'm rather more a summer sport man - cricket, cycling, athletics - and on a chilly but blue of sky evening, the swifts and House Martins were out over the river, sadly trying but failing to eat every single blasted midge in existence.

On Balderton Lake, Mummy and Daddy swan had four cygnets out for the first time I've seen.

Earlier, went running out to Willow Holt in Farndon and back along the river, and at last, in the fields at the far end, signs of more interesting life.

As soon as I came through the gate, I spotted a Common Blue Damselfly amongst the blooming brambles and other plants  - the entrance is very boggy and overgrown.

And then every so often through the meadow - grass rather long at the moment, I seemed to scare up a few Ringlets out of the grass. But they were tiny! Little flying Velvet - Black-Grey butterflies  - someone I  know is reporting tiny Skippers about too? Is this a consequence of bad weather hindering development? Or are they smaller when they first emerge?

Then, by the next gate, saw another damsel atop some elderflower. Couldn't get a clear view in the flat light, but it seemed dary - might have a been a blue tailed damselfly.

I was proud of my run, windy though it was and very boggy the river paths. I just love being outside, and as I passed the windmill, swallows swooped past my head and made me think that any and every day is a nice day, in some way.

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