Saturday 16 June 2012

Bleak Prospects

I've been for a couple of runs this week, and really have seen so very little of note! The Daily Express, which has replaced its Diana fixation with one for the weather, has delighted in saying that Summer will not start until September. 4 seasons in one day? More like 4 in an hour, as high winds blatt rain into your face, before the sun comes out and turns everything  into a steaming mire of humidity.

Insect life, apart from midges, is in short supply - I haven't seen a dragonfly all year and butterflies are in pitifully short supply. I saw my first Speckled Wood on Clay Lane a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've been more likely to see winged demons than butterflies.

Without butterflies and dragonlies, summer is a grey grey thing.

At least in town there are plenty of Swifts to keep things pretty, screeching the air blue in bird swear! The RSPB tell me there aren't many about in some places - typically here I'm seeing flocks of up to 6, in several places round town - one near my home, another by the river, another in the town centre. They are nesting on a chinese take away near me, they seem to be able to fly straight into their  nests at 60 miles an hour without splattering themselves on the wall.

Wonderful birds.

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