Monday 25 June 2012

Observing Report

A bit brief, as it is late and I have work tomorrow, but last night, 1230am, was a great little night. After initially getting rather lost, reacquired Messier 13, 5 and 3, the great Globulars of the Northern Hemisphere.

Still no joy in Ophiuchus for the globulars though, although I did pick up IC 4665 and NGC 6632 easily enough.

Lyra revealed to me Messier 57 for the first time! Messier 71 was seen in Sagitta, and the Vulpecula coathanger. Messier 39 looked great, easily resolved, and the stars around Cygnus and Lacerta were glorious in the 10x50s. Picked up two open clusters in Lacerta I think, NGC 7423 and one other.

And then, just rised above the roof, Messier 31. The Andromeda galaxy is back with us.

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