Wednesday 25 January 2012

Signs of Spring? Nah, too dark

Ran out by london road lake today, was a bit lazy and heavy legged and eyelidded getting going today, and thus it was getting a little twilit as I headed out. But could still see a lot of Tufted Ducks on the lake, a fine little pied flotilla, and a lakeside tree held a little huddle of Great Tits.

No Pike were being caught on the river today, but I did see a cormorant fly across the river by The Castle. A group of Mallards sat by the lock, obviously not bothered by the gigantic killer Pike I now know for definite stalk the depths around here.

And then I headed for Sconce Hills as a police helicpter hovered above the bypass and an ambulance screamed by - hope nothing bad happened there. They've done a good little job with this park, I keep forgetting about the little nature reserve in here, must visit it again sometime!

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