Monday 9 January 2012

Running after the sun

Yesterday, headed out towards Sconce Hills, going through the hospital grounds and admiring the mobile scanner wagon they have parked up their every month or so.

I always think that perhaps one day they will be doing a really powerful MRI scan and I'll get lifted into the air and slammed into the side of the trailer by the strong magnetic field.

Maybe not.

Anyway, this run was another 330 pm effort, and the out part of the journey had me trying to run towards what was a very attractive sunset, oranges, reds and purples. I would have loved to have run fast enough after it to keep up with it and keep its glowing glory going for longer, but no, the sun always escapes from you. By the time I was running through Sconce Hills park and by the river, the warm hues had been replaced by the greys and indigos of the twilight that impends a long night.

Strangely this end of town despite the fact there ought to be plenty of roosting sites, you never get the murmarations of Starlings over on the South - South West end of the town. It's always a bit wildlife dry actually,despite the small reserve adjoining the park - few songbirds, the mallards and hybrids on the river Devon annoying the eastern european folk rather hopefully fishing for pike.

But, I always enjoy being out there, even if the sun got away from me for another day.

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