Tuesday 24 January 2012

Signs of Spring and a Feathery Black Head

Went running yesterday, the tour of the two lakes! Started off though running through the cemetery, where snowdrops are in flower and crocuses are just about to flower, their colourful folded up heads like primary colour pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Perhaps they are; the pixies are being taken over by emotionless alien consciousness!!!

Or, on the other hand, maybe not.

The Lakeside London Road lake was a haven for Black Headed Gulls, apart from when they were given a scare by a couple of military helicopters flying over. Curiously one of the gulls was sporting his Black Head way before time, so wonder what the deal with him was - genetic crazy pigment or a visitor from somewhere warmer? A Great Crested Grebe was there too, slightly unusual for this lake.

By contrast. cycle path lake was quiet, with all the mallards, tufed duck and coots and mallards being clustered down the far end of the lake. I ran down to the railway station and then back along the river before meeting a very interesting sight.

I often tweet that the river is busy with Eastern European fishermen angling for pike with enormous sliding floats and sad looking deadbaits and I always say they are wasting their time as I've never seen a pike in the dyke stretch of river, although The Witham is full of them. Until yesterday...

A couple of admittedly non baltic guys were in the process of hauling a ferocious looking Pike out of the river just below the locks, taken on massive sliding float and sad looking deadbait. Ten pounds plus reckoned the catcher as I applauded him, two feet plus long, and jaws like, well, Jaws.

It certainly had a chance to take a couple of vicious snaps at the guy's hand, but it needn't have worried.

This Pike I suspect was for release, not for the pot.

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