Wednesday 4 January 2012

Quadrantids? I think not.

I did have a couple of brief observing sessions, in between howling gusts of wind and splatters of rain, but alas, as I looked Northish and Eastish I can't say I saw very much. In fact I thought I saw one faintish third-fourth magnitude meteor streak through Auriga, but my eyes were watering and I'm afraid they may have been playing tricks with me.

This morning as I was about to cycle to work at 6am I had another look and saw nothing, Virgo dominating the Southern aspect of my view, but really meteorwatching on a bicycle is not recommended and is really rather stupid.

I do enjoy meteor showers though. It is the  easiest form of useful astronomy to get into I reckon, and there's always the chance of seeing a really spectacular fireball. Also, it lends itself well to istting in a reclining garden chair with some beer, wine or rum in my case, and maybe even some music.

However, at this time of year, there is a sort of frostbitey deathwish about this

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