Friday 23 December 2011

Walking and running in the wet

This is a combined report, last night's run and today's 90 minute walk. Not that there was very much to sea...

Actually, to start with, I'll throw in my train trip to Nottingham, where Thurgarton lakes were bust with large flocks of Black Headed Gulls and Tufted Ducks upon the waters. Also there was a small swan, which I couldn't make out properly but might have been a Bewick or a Whooper. No Egrets about, I have seen one in the vicinity before. It's a place I'd lake to take a good look at if I ever get the chance.

Last night, ran not very far in the dusk, my legs aren't used to running again after 7 weeks off and so they are pully, and stiff. As I passed down the side of TK Maxx a bird was startled up from a tree at the back of the new flats there, and arced off into the distance. Judging by the wingbeats, I thought it might have been a kestrel, I know there is one that hunts down by the marina - see a previous post - although knowing me it might have been a pigeon. Silhouette seemed to be wrong build for a pigeon though.

Proper naturalists must read this blog in utter disgust.

Today, walked for 90 minutes past a rained upon London Road Lake - the usual suspects in action here but no Grebe today - and through Beacon Hill. The big attraction here was a large flock of Goldfinches working across the Nursery east to west, the golden wing bars unmistakeable even at a distance. Always a pretty sight, and  a more common one with every passing year.

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