Wednesday 7 December 2011

Out by the river

Today was a bitter bitter day, wind slicing through you like a band saw, cold air drying my skin and making it bleed raw. But, I felt I had to be out. I need to be out.

So I walked, rather than ran, out to Farndon and turned down the puddled, muddy lane down towards the river opposite the power station. Almost immediately a redwing flew out of the hawthorns on one side of the path before settling in a tree in the other, and this, dear friends, was a a definite sighting. A bit further along, another two redwing were perched in a tree.

I was struggling to keep an eye on anything, as the wind was just blowing straight into may face, making my eyes water, and the hood I had up to stop my ears dropping off in the cold. But as I reached the river past the bare fields that had been full of corn and wheat in warmer times, the unmistakeable bright yellow flash of two yellowhammers caught the sun as they headed out over the water.

And that was that for the trip, it was so cold I could barely concentrate. But I revived quickly after a cup of tea at the fantastic little museum cafe, and reflected that it is always better to be outside, any chance you get.

And besides, my flat is so chilly, it's often warmer outside!

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