Friday 26 May 2023

Workplace Nature Catch Up

 The warm weather has not only brought bugs, buzzers and flowers out in the parks and gardens around the town, but also in our place of work, much to my delight.

Long term readers may remember that over the years, we have created wildflower mini-meadows at work, and also established a hundred metre stretch of uncut verge where he have had orchids in the past, and hopefully makes a space for insects to lay their eggs and find foodplants for their larvae. 

This had had a positive benefit, not only on increasing bio-diversity on campus, but also mental health. I find it wonderful to walk among the nature spaces I helped create, while planning where we can improve what we have. 

So lets see what we've had crawling and fluttering around the flowerbeds, starting with the first common blue I've seen this year. While the holly blues prefer the hedgerows, the common blue likes the low level flowers found elsewhere.


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