Wednesday 24 May 2023

Making Furry Friends at the Cricket on World Bee Day

 Not having a match this past weekend, my role in proceedings was merely to spectate and watch in the sunshine while making the occasional jug of orange squash for the actual players. 

Thus I wasn't totally superfluous to requirements.

Of course, this gave me more of a chance to take in the nature at the ground, which was full of birdsong and flutterous comings and goings. A small white commotion in the grass intrigued me; it turned out to be a very smart white ermine moth struggling to get itself going.

Its wonderfully furry form gratefully enjoyed the warmth of my hand before gaining the energy to fly off about its business.

With it being world bee day, I off course wanted to find some buzzers and bumbles in action, so roamed the hawthorn blossom to track them down, with the bonus presence of a female orange tip butterfly. 

Our second team won the game comfortably, and the insects were pleased with the result. Maybe.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.05.23


  1. As a moth who flew in from Farndon, I was not at all pleased by the day. I was disappointed that the 13-year-old from the visiting side were treated as cricketers.

  2. Nothing wrong with being the drinks man. You can still take some credit for the victory - and if they lose it was nothing to do with you!

  3. Lovely moth. Great bee finds too.