Tuesday 28 March 2023

The Mandarin

 Long term readers may remember me writing of the male mandarin duck that used to spend time at the Blue Lake; one of the odd birds that perhaps found its way there from a collection like the pink footed goose that used to visit, or the Jurassic looking muscovy drake that used to creak around on massively clawed webbed feet.

This bird, however, has not been seen on the Blue Lake for a while. 

There have been reports of it down on the Trent from time to time, but I've not seen it down there...no wait I have. Once, amidst the roots of the willow by the castle wall. But that was pre-pandemic times, I'm sure. 

Which of course begs the question - was the beautiful mandarin drake with golden sails I saw further down the river by the locks yesterday the same bird? I've no idea. 

But it feels rather more romantic, so to speak, to believe that it is. It's not as if there's loads of mandarin ducks round here.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.03.23


  1. We seem to be getting more and more of them round here. Beautiful birds.

  2. Pretty and in need of a mate no doubt.

  3. Whether it is the same one or not - you have to admire the sheer beauty of the fellow.

  4. Thank you for wonderful pictures, handsome male duck,greetings from ann