Monday 13 March 2023


 After the freezing weather of the last fortnight, my hands have only now sufficiently warmed up enough for me to type again.

We had two days of snow, one more or less continuous and a day in which I had to cycle to work in blizzard conditions, which was every bit as much fun as it sounds. Thankfully, unlike the big freeze of 2010, I never had hard ice to contend with, just the inability to see as my eyes were filled with the driving snow as I rode in.

It didn't create particularly attractive snowscapes to look at, but it did make the meadow pipits easier to see.

They merge perfectly into the long grass at work!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.03.23


  1. Lovely photos of the snow, especially the gorse flowers. We've had very little snow here in Edinburgh, though the forecast keeps predicting that we will

  2. You have managed to get that feeling of freezing cold as well as just the snow Si.

  3. Those teasels are great in that landscape.

  4. It was bitter that day! Thank you for your kind comments