Tuesday 14 February 2023

Garden Stirrings

 The gloom of winter is starting to lift, there are still faint shreds on light in the sky at 6pm now, and as well as the emergences of colour I've shown you from around the town, I've noticed that things are stirring in my crocus planters too.

If anything, they are ahead of this time last year, I don't recall the flower heads appearing by mid February in 2022. 

I don't know about you - although I doubt any of you would disagree - but I'm glad the days are starting to lengthen, and I won't be cycling home in the dark for much linger, and I'll be able to go for walks in the evening, and that the frosts will hopefully soon be gone for another year.

Cycling in the lowest temperatures we've had for a fair few years was no fun at all. 

Obviously there still might be a sting in the tail to come this season, but as I do every year, I feel this tremendous relief when March begins to get closer on the calendar, and my mental health takes a bit of a boost.

I hope it does for you as well.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.02.23


  1. We love purple crocuses. Our garden has yellow ones (inherited with the garden) and they started to show this last weekend.

  2. Lovely to see the crocuses coming up!

  3. That is the first purple crocus I have seen - they always seem to be a bit behind golden.