Saturday 18 February 2023

Feathery Friend

 I've recently noticed that I've got a new resident blackbird around my garden.

I think it's a first winter male; his feathers are not totally black yet, and his beak is still a slightly dirty orange colour, rather than the gleaming sunset colour of a mature male. 

He seems to have a girlfriend, but potentially also a love rival who I've seen in the trees over the back wall, and who also is a mean songster too at sunset. 

We've had a little rain recently, and rain has collected in a couple of little seedling containers I haven't found a use for yet. This week I noticed the young male blackbird came down into my little garden for a drink, and a quick if rather inefficient bath. Sadly it was twilight, so not a great photo. 

He's a very confiding bird, and doesn't seem to spook at me easily; I've often seen him sat on my wall when I open the door. 

I've resolved to see if I can find a suitable bird bath for him!


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  1. Please do find something quickly - can't wait for the photograph of his first bath!

  2. That is being arranged Pat! He's been in my kitchen twice today!