Tuesday 15 March 2022

Spring has Most Definitely Sprung

 We've had some pretty decent, if not spectacular, spring weather over the last few days, and although I've had the irritation of electrical work at my flat, I've been able to get out on the nicer days and see what's about. 

The first butterfly of the season has been spotted, but not a brimstone as is usually the case. It was a small tortoiseshell, and it was in the passageway at my flat, shivering on the ground.

I managed to get it onto my fingers, and move into the warm sun in my little suntrap yard. It fibrillated its wings for a while, something I always associate with this species, and then after gaining enough strength from the solar rays took off all of a sudden, easy as you like, and it was gone. 

I saw brimstones later on that same day; flying fast, never settling, lemon yellow males flying swiftly through the air. 

The hawthorn and blackthorn blossom is out in the park, forming the beautiful arch of flowers in the orchard as it does every year. Amid these blooms bumblebees were buzzing, the buff tailed queens now joined by white tailed bumblebees and a single red tailed bumblebee too now. I think there are a few workers around too, as I noticed several smaller bumbles around. 

When not feeding, other queens were searching for suitable nest holes on the ground to found their new colonies in. 

The chiff chaffs are singing now, but I haven't heard one yet. Teasing little birds, I've seen lots of photos of them out and about, and by heaven I've hardly ever seen one even though I've heard hundreds of them. 

I think they throw their voices so I can't find them. In fact I swear they do!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.03.22


  1. Excellent photos, bringing all the warmth and promise of Spring. The first butterfly I saw this year was a Red Admiral, though I've seen a few Brimstones since. Chiffchaffs singing here on Monday but didn't hear any yesterday, despite it being the warmer day.