Tuesday 11 January 2022

Wholesome Crafting

 My sister gave me a video call the other night, where we talked of this and that and not a lot of high import, when I remarked that I had been just about to have a look at building up the little window bird feeder I had been given for Christmas.

So, I did a little unboxing  - or rather un-tinning - and upon finding glue and screws in it, I said "Ah ok, I'll leave it for tomorrow."

The idea of doing something with my hands of the degree of complexity of the world's simplest Airfix model had completely psyched me out.

My sister wasn't having any of it. "Come on. We'll do it together!"

And so we did!

It was tricky, although not as painful as I imagined, and I did make one or two cock-ups, but the little structure began to come together. I did some gluing. I did some screwdrivering. 

After about 40 minutes, it was all but complete and I was just waiting for some glue to dry before I could put the roof on, which I did later.

Video call crafting! Not something I thought I'd be doing that night.


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  1. Looks pretty good in the photo. I hope you show us when it's "up and running".

  2. Well done - amazing what you can do with a bit of help. Hope you get some good bird visit photos

  3. The world is full of strange new 'video call' activities these days. I guess it is live U Tube in a way.

  4. I now eagerly await some good bird photos - I have been singing your praises on my blog posts about your photographsy of bees, butterflies and wild flowers - seems like we shall have birds too before long.

  5. I hope so but I find bird photography difficult, my mobile phone isn't up to it, and my bridge camera has always been really disappointing. Or more likely I am at using it!