Tuesday 25 January 2022

My Little Nursery

 I have written before about the little nursery I have in my garden now, the planters of crocus, giant allium and, er, not-so-giant allium I planted as bulbs in November in a bid to attract more pollinators to my yard.

As we now reach the last days of January, I thought I would give you a little progress update. 

It didn't take long for the first crocus spears to make their way above the surface of the planting compost, but things seemed to have slowed down a bit, although more of them are now starting to peak through. Certainly they will be rather later than the wild crocuses in the cemetery, the earliest of which have now come into flower. 

The giant alliums have also slowed after a strong start, and once again there certainly aren't as many of them as I planted. The not-so-giant alliums have virtually all emerged in one planter, so we will see how they go. These won't come into flower until rather later, May-June time.

It's hardly been labour intensive, but I have found this process, my first ever attempt to grow something from scratch, very rewarding not only from the rubbish gardener perspective, but also from a mental one, even if it does smack incredibly hardly of middle-aged-ness. 

Well I'm still very active, often child like with Tourettes and Autism, and I've been listening to Radio 4 for years.

I'm not sure I'm that bothered.


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  1. Do you have squirrels? They love to dig up and eat allium bulbs. We can't wait to see the flowers....

  2. Life is about finding things that interest us and doing them. The fact that most people don't discover the joy of growing plants till later life should not deter anyone from enjoying it sooner.

  3. It is the anticipation and looking forward to those first blooms, what will you plant for summer?

  4. I had a lot of alliums last year - now I know about squirrels I shall wait to see how many appear this year (alliums not squirrels)

  5. It's always lovely to see the shoots appear heralding spring...

  6. I've got a load of wildflower meadow seed balls to put in, probably in March