Tuesday 18 January 2022

Frozen Waters

 In addition to yesterday's butterfly rescue, I got in a decent walk around the Balderton Blue Lake via the cemetery, a day to feel good, a bright late afternoon where the squirrels busied themselves with beech mast and black headed gulls got into murderous squabbles over discarded chips. 

Wildflowers. More are appearing with every passing day. Crocuses have now joined snowdrops and aconite in the cemetery, the latter growing in their one spot next to the same three gravestones. Yellow, white and splashes of purple are the colours of January. 

The Blue Lake has frozen in the cold nights. There's not much clear water and the goosander are gone. Gulls skate webbed footed atop the rafts of ice. The bushes and trees along the cycle path were being worked by long tailed tits, little pink snowballs on sticks. 

A day to just enjoy these very simple pleasures.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.01.22


  1. Lovely photos! You are lucky to see the early signs of spring in those sweet flowers!

  2. A delightful set of images! I especially like the Lake photo's, they are stunning!

  3. lovely photos! Our snowdrops are starting to bloom and we have aconites in flower too but the crocuses will not be out for a while yet i think