Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Just Bees at the Library

Very warm yesterday, and the opportunity to get out for a walk in the later afternoon, having spent the early part of the day reading and sunbathing in my (so called) garden.

The library, having assured me that they didn't need their books back during lockdown, have finally decided that they would like them returned thank you very much, and so I trotted down to the gardens, Asda bag full of books in tow, and dropped them off with the lady on patrol at the front entrance.

I then went off to explore the flowerbeds, and found a plant that was absolutely alive with honeybees. The flowers were presumably a plentiful source rather than a rich one, as the bees moved very rapidly from flowerhead to flowerhead.

As always I love seeing bees and butterflies on the wing into the autumn, sad though I am for their upcoming fate. Insect life is beautiful yet ephemeral.


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  1. Sedums - yes a very valuable source of late season top-up for bees. Remarkably ivy is another later flower-er that bees love at this time of year, but the honey they make from it sets like concrete so I guess it's concentrated but probably needs a lot of water to make it go down when they get around to eating it again.

  2. Sedums! Thanks for the heads up on the ID