Monday, 9 December 2019

Beach Life in Winter

After visiting the friendly seals, we took in what was a bit of a nostalgia trip for my stepfather as we made our way along the coastal resorts of the Lincs coast on a bright but freezing day.

The beaches were huge, sandy and presumably because it was winter, clean. But the resorts are mainly awful, with horrific mock casinos polluting the seafronts as councils have let any idea of sensible planning and design fly out of the window. Mablethorpe and Chapel St Leonards are particularly horrific. Skegness, which always has a bad reputation, is actually a nice town where the amusement arcades are at least pleasant tat, and development much more restrained.

Even on a cold day, there were still enough people there to justify having the ice cream and doughnut stalls open.

Sutton on Sea beach, the one south of the actual resort by the golf course, was our family's favourite. Lots of beach anglers catching the odd whiting, and the welcome sight of a couple of tiny, white bellied sanderling skittering along the waters edge feeding.

Lines of shells marked various tide lines, some beauties amongst them, and lots of edible crab remains too for some reason.

We had a lovely day.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.12.19


  1. Our beach does not have many shells. Great photos again. I love Sanderling. Though they are quick.

  2. I never go to the coast without returning with a shell or two in my pocket. There's something "so awful that it's fun" about some seaside attractions, the more run-down the better!

  3. I love the seashells.. I actually like visiting the seaside out of season. So pretty and calm!

  4. Lovely photos of the beach and shells. I'm often surprised by how many crab remains there are

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