Thursday 27 November 2014

Running Adventure to Cotham

The run out to Cotham village involves the long 7 km slog along the Sustrans route 64. As you can see from the picture, it was a grey and green and slightly damp trudge, enlivened by the gulls at the tip - the wind was blowing the odour away from me thankfully, and the scaredy cat antics of the fieldfares in the hedgerows.

I came across two flocks, and both of them started flying off when I got to about 50 metres or perhaps more. It is funny how the sturdy redwing is rather more flappable than the slender redwing, which seems much happier for you to get a look at them.

After the turn on the road back to town, I investigated Cotham church, a very simple affair attended by a couple of donkeys - nativity service duties for you lads! - whose stable seemed rather flasher than the church. It had a clock, for a start.

Further along, gulls had rendered the surface of the fishing lake white, so numerous were they, and I had a splendid view of a kestrel. Its speckley reddish back always reminds me of a strawberry for a some reason.

The 14.7 km run was finished off with tea at Rumbles, as the sun made a sort of after thought appearannce and folk threw tennis balls for wet dogs to hurtle after.

The 64 slog

Gull tip

Posh stable

Spotted at distance

Sad eyes... my phone doesn't dispense sugar lumps

Cotham church

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