Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Now, my Barnby Adventure!

I did my Barnby run today, on a crisp morning with a chill Northerly keeping hungry kestrFor once, I was glad of my windproof.

The run to Barnby in the Willows is a long flat deceptive drag after the crossroads. Fields of cabbages keep a clear horizon and you can see all the way across to Claypole and beyond.

Horse liveries are everywhere, complete with old school road mirrors.

Runner reflection not included

As I approached the village, a big echelon of probably pink footed geese, perhaps a hundred strong, went overhead on a southerly heading. Many of these birds have been seen on the move today; perhaps these birds are the same as some seen over Mansfield Wodehouse earlier in the morning.

A kestrel too was on view, hunting in the wind, absolutely effortless.

I ran through the village, and paused in the churchyard for photographs.

Barnby Church

The entrance under the sun

The tower

An old grave stone

A Barnby in the Willows willow

I then crossed the River With an, into unknown lands. Hell, a sign told me I was now in a different county.

River Witham

I'd run into a different county!

I ran along the Witham a little way to the next bridge. I paused to photograph a pair of mute swans, and as I did so I was thrilled to see a kingfisher fly out from
me, quite a cold blue in the bright light and easily seen against the dark, clear water.

The Witham is full of pike, but I saw none today.

Swans. And somewhere in this view is a kingfisher

Instead of trying to follow the river and getting lost in the tangled muddy banks, I headed along farm tracks to haybarns, disappointed to see no redwing or fieldfare around.


I was going to turn round here, but kept on after spotting blue flowers through the low hedge line. This was chicory, and a very late honeybee was having a feed. Is this the last bee I'll see this year?

Chicory flower

I hate retracing steps, but I had to turn round to avoid ending up in Claypole or Brant Broughton. I did get lost in the manor house grounds. Terribly sorry!

In all, by the time I was back in Newark I'd covered 15.97km. And my legs felt every one of them!

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