Wednesday 29 January 2014

Slowly Starts the Spring

Another walk around the lakes, more life struggles up through the soggy goosander on Balderton Lake yesterday, but the attractive pochard put on a fine display of diving. The trees in the cemetery were busy with great tits,chaffinch and long tailed tits, while blue tits seemed to be engaging in some acrobatic fights in the air, and in the branches.

Are they starting to get ready for breeding season?

It was on London Road Lake where I got my surprise sighting. A solitary goosander was patrolling the far side of the lake there, the first one I'd ever seen on these waters. Through binoculars, the squarish head and sharp, fish catching bill is very apparent, and very obviously different from the other duck species around.

A special word for Leroy the muscovy duck. He has made it into the Newark Advertiser for very sad reasons - apparently children are throwing stones at him because he isn't like all the other ducks. Well, my cousin in Wales kept musocvy ducks, and I know at first hand, they can bite...

More crocus beginning to slowly flower
Another snowdrop photo opp
Winter aconite, seemingly, an ornamental non native species
Hungry blackbird
No, I can never capture the angle right
Leroy the muscovy

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