Monday 20 January 2014

Blossom Dearie

Running out to Hawton and Farndon in a low sun revealed flocks of chaffinch in the ash trees by the bypass, while the inevitable black headed gulls sailed the air above the swampy looking paddocks in the vicinity.

The light was sunset gold again, and a ten metre shadow was following me wherever I went, looking rather stiff as its owner was running with a sore back.

I figured the riverside route would be too boggy to pursue, so I just headed straight along Farndon Road back into town. And as I ran, along the backs of some Farndon houses, I noticed that there was blossom growing from smallish shrub trees in the verge.

Early blossom decorates the roadside

 It's the second set of early blossom I've seen this year, after the cherry trees in the cemtery. I have no idea what it is, but it certainly brightened up the mud soaked ground no end. 

As a further bonus, approaching the Devon bridge, I heard a tremendous cacophany coming from a thickset tree above me, and looked up to see not just an exciteable flock of goldfinches clattering about with exciteable calls, but also a flock of pretty in pink long tailed tits, their quieter "seeeps" still audible amidst the general avian chatter.

I'm paying for the run today with a fair bit of stiffness, but it always makes it worthwhile when you notice something news.

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