Friday 31 January 2014

Like an REM Cover

Enjoyed a walk in the oak woods by Devon Pastures. I had already been all over, feeling the first snow of the winter brushing my face and settling behind my ears, but it was raining by the time I got here - yesterday 30.01.14 is the date.

I was there to look for a treecreeper the excellent warden had reported, but I didn't see it. What I did see was a multitude of great tits, blue tits and long tailed tits doing their callisthenics in the trees, while blackbirds ravaged the leaf litter at ground level. The noise was intense; somewhere a bird made a sound like someone scraping a metal woodwork file, while another, while another went "tweet tweet poooooo-WEEEEEE".

It's a lovely place, and in a dim winter light, it looks like REM's cover for "Murmur".

The River Devon in flood
Blackbird throwing around the leaf litter

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