Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wildlife from my Windows

It's not just on my "epic" running and cycling trips that I cap an eye out for wildlife. There's plenty that can be seen from any window that overlooks even a small garden, or a few trees, and it can be a lot of fun just watching for ten minutes with a mug of tea in hand to see what you might see.

My flat overlooks my own postage stamp sized lawn, and a driveway slash car park area that is surrounded by some large sycamores, and a small ash tree my neighbours park their bird feeders on. From my kitchen, I can watch the feathered trade these fat balls and see generate. Usually it's just sparrows, but plenty of blue tits, great tits, chaffinches and if I'm very very lucky, small pinky breasted coat tits with their white mohican haircuts will give me something to watch as I make my breakfast.

A naughty squirrel has been defeated by the cage my neighbours have put around their feeder, but it still tries, hanging upside down at times as it tries to get its paws on a peanut. No joy for squirrels these days!

Out my living room window, my holly tree attracts fieldfare and redwing if I'm really lucky, but mainly the berries are all snaffled before christmas by woodpigeon and blackbirds. The sycamores sometimes attract a passing blackcap, or the joyful sight of a flock of goldfinches, but my favourite visitors are the little flocks of "seep seep seeping" long tailed tits that work their way from tree to tree, never stopping long as they look for insects on the skinny twigs, their tails twitching as they flit from branch to branch. A sight of them always cheers me up, no matter how gloomy I'm feeling.

So, there's always something to look at outside, no matter how humble your view. From sparrows squabbling endlessly outside my lounge, to flocks of all sorts splashing in the melting snow, the world's a pretty place if you let it be.

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