Monday 11 February 2013

I revisited the Goosander

After a lazy duvet sort of day yesterday, I set out running at 4pm, as the light started to fade, hoping to see the Goosander again on Balderton Lake.

I ran about three quarters around the whole body of water thinking I was going to be disappointed, until finally in one of the little bays on the north west corner of the lake I spotted a single male specimen.

I actually ran onto a little tree covered "peninsula" in the lake, and got a really good look as the bird was only about 5-10 metres away before he realised he was being goggled at. The pronounced forehead and narrow serrated beak was easily visible, and the whole duck has a very sleak, streamlined appearance compared to the Mallards and Tufted Ducks also on the lake. The Goosander is clearly designed for underwater performance!

I suppose this lone fellow will have gone tomorrow, all his friends have disappeared, but I'm glad I got a good look at him today. A Goosander is probably not much of a spot for some readers, but it's an unusual bird for a lake in the middle of town.

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