Saturday 1 October 2011

Love those clear skies

Been back on shift, boo hoo, so no expeiditions or anything. I have been getting up at 445am or better in order to cycle to work.

This is miserable, but has its attractions. Like clear skies in pleasanter weather without summer twilight getting in the way. As soon as I open my door, Orion is dominating the southern aspect, his sword rampant and his faithful great dog sat to his right, its eye Sirius twinkling blazingly.

Leo the lion, his sickle tail cutting a swathe through the western sky, is rising.

And this morning, a fluttering dark shape circled my garden a couple of times before alighting in my sycamore tree. A woodpigeon I think, although at first I stupidly thought it was a very large bat!

Large bat! You really are a dunderhead of a naturalist. But, it was early...

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