Sunday 16 October 2011

Fireballs and Partridges

Two little vignettes for you. BTW I like the word "vignette" - and I like vignettes. And paragraphs that have the word "vignette" in four times.

First up was 11pm last night, as I stood by my door feeling depressed at the prospect of a finger freezing 545am bike ride to work, and indeed work full stop. As I looked north, a brilliant almost a fireball meteor swept by from East to West, travelling through Ursa Minor parallel with the orange star Kocab and the nearby Gamma. It had a brightness in the range of maybe 0 to -1, and left a very noticeable wake of smoke, like a celestical powerboat splitting the fabric of the sky apart.

I've seen brighter ones, but the smoke trail was unusual.

And then as I arrived at work this morning, cycling along chasing but never catching the dismal pool of light cast by my front bike light, I cycled straight past 3 plump and no doubt tasty partridges sitting in the car park!

Some of the more feral specimens at work would eat them feathers and all!

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