Tuesday 4 October 2011

Gooses! Geeses!

Didn't run yesterday, instead had a pleasant little cycle ride round and a bout for a few m before settling in Riverside Park to catch the last decent weather of the year propped up against that obelisk thing.

Didn't really see very much, a lot of folk about in the warm weather and had to concentrate hard on not wiping them out. Hot days mean overexcited children with a tendency to leap out in front of you from trees and other unexpected directions.

I did notice on Lakeside Lake that a huge flock of Canada Geese have arrived. I'm never really a big fan of these birds, not their fault I guess, but I tend now to think of them somewhat as messy foreign pests. I have no idea if this is harsh or not, but I do sometimes wonder if they are good for the pot. We seem to be being encouraged to eat Signal Crayfish, so why not Canada Geese?

I'm guessing it's because anything that produces huge slimy bogey oyster droppings like that must taste totally hideous!

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