Thursday 18 April 2024

A Day in Lincoln

 A train ride to Lincoln then, for my sister to retrieve her bag from a nightclub, and then for a spot of lunch and a mooch around. 

Bag rescued, we headed to the Arboretum, where a community cafe staffed by trainees served up some excellent food for a mere fiver while we enjoyed looking at their extensive painted rock collection, before we walked round the park itself. 

I've been before, but on a dull September day when there wasn't much life around, but on this visit, the spurge plants were alive with various bee species, a pond had ducklings on it, and a fountain water feature was full of tadpoles. An overlooking song thrush sang its repetitive song for us while we poked around in the plants. 

Well I did, my sister has more dignity than that. I on the other hand, probably spend a lot of time looking strange to other people while I'm staring at dandelions.


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