Tuesday 27 June 2023

Skippers Everywhere!

 At the moment in the long and gloriously unkempt un-mowed grass verges at work, it is almost impossible to look at any patch of ragwort or creeping thistle without seeing a little splash of golden brown sitting on top, nectaring happily with a ridiculously long tongue.

These are the campus small skippers, which even on dull and slightly damp days, seem to be everywhere.

Their strange wings are unlike most other butterflies, looking almost like little orange dart flights, or for the more science fiction minded Star Wars X-Wing fighters. They are also a lot more confiding than the other high summer grass land species, allowing close up photography unlike the skittish meadow browns which seem frightened of their own shadow let alone mine. 

As ever, just spending five minutes watching out for life in the long grass is wonderfully distracting, a mental palate cleanser from the of the odder things the autistic or tourettic mind can get fixated on. 

The campus curry plant is very much coming into its stinky own, and seven spot ladybirds are absolutely loving it. Rather more than I do...


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 27.03.23


  1. Lovely to see Small Skippers! They just arrived in Scotland recently and I've seen quite a lot over the past couple of years.