Thursday 30 December 2021

Christmas Miscellania

 Well this year I was able to actually spend Christmas with my family and as a bonus my sister's very lively bengal cross cats. In practical terms, this means I've had a lot less time to myself and have spent an awful lot of time eating, and a lot less time walking.

However, I have been able to get out and take in the sights a few times, with today's walk providing me with a extra special treat - a kingfisher at the town lock, sitting on the footbridge railings before heading off to perch on a capstan opposite the Swan and Salmon pub. Seeing one of these birds always gives me a thrill, the colours even on a dull day are so vivid, and the neon blue back a glorious sight when the bird is in flight.

The other news is that snowdrops have now come into bloom in the cemetery, a little later than the last couple of years I'd say. No aconite yet, but I think these flowers like to keep to a strict January timeline.

Exciting news too in my garden, where all five of my planters and two pots now have green shoots of crocus and allium coming through, while my sonetti continues in strong flower, and even my jasmine has produced some yellow flowers already! 

I can't wait to my new flowers, the first I've ever grown from blubs, in full bloom!


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  1. Snowdrops out Simon? Mine are not yet even peeping through the ground.

  2. I expect the little patch of early snowdrops in my local wood will be flowering soon; they usually seem to be about a week behind yours. Kingfishers are always a special sighting. All the best for the New Year!

  3. Evidence, if any was e er needed, that there is interest in every season for those who look.