Sunday 17 October 2021

Wholesome Family Activities

 Over the birthday weekend, my sister and I had a mosey around the family home's garden, and were pleased find some good quality windfall apples from the bramley tree out back.

My sister collected them, and decided that her and I should crumble-ize them the next day. She feels my culinary skills need improving, which considering I am starting from a baseline of zero, shouldn't be hard.

She also thinks I'm rather more capable than I believe.

So, on the saturday, I found myself in the kitchen, attempting to peel apples, a tortuous process where I always thought I was in imminent danger of slicing my own thumb off. My sister did 5 in the time it took me to do one, but I was better at chopping them. I also competent at measuring out the flour and sugar etc etc, and managed to get it all in the bowl without covering myself in anything. 

However the making of the crumble was rather harder than I thought it would be, for some sensory reason I found it hard to tolerate the feeling of butter on my fingers, it was so so wrong. My sister had to do most of that.

All that being said, the crumbles turned out to be delicious. I think I could do one myself, but it would take a long old time!

The next day, I took sis for a walk around the lake, and told her about the wildlife. And as it turns out from later research, bats like it at night!


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  1. Nothing wrong with those crumbles - they look delicious.

  2. The crumbles look great! I have some apples waiting to be crumble-ised too!

  3. They were lovely I can assure you of that

  4. Si - if you have one you can whizz the butter into the flour and sugar in a kitchen whizz/food processor thingie. (I hate rubbing it too.)