Thursday 14 October 2021

A Birthday Bat Detector!

 So, it's been my birthday weekend just gone, hence the reason I've been off the air for a few days, and amongst some lovely presents and a spot of baking and walking with my sister, of which more anon, I was absolutely staggered to be given a bat detector.

A Magenta Precision 4, to be exact.

I've tried it in my garden, but the local pipistrelle that flits about my building is either asleep or off chasing the lady bats. I've walked round town, again nothing. 

Tonight, I decided to go a little less urban.

I first walked along the river alongside the dry dock towards the weir. Not a hint of a click. But then I headed just into the entrance of Sconce Park and along a very dark River Devon - there is a light on the detector but it isn't very bright. 

I turned it on at 45khz, which is the frequency the the common pipistrelle and daubentons bat click at. Nothing there. But when I moved up to 60khz, I suddenly got shorts bursts or rapid fire almost squelchy sounding clicks.

I'd detected bats!

No idea of the species; according to the guide in the box this may be a soprano pipistrelle echo-locating at 55khz or so.

I tuned back to 45khz, and I got more calls. Lots of species operate at this frequency; I know we have common pipistrelles and daubentons bats (which feed over water) so I'd guess at one of those species. 

I was so excited!!!


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  1. What a lovely and thoughtful present, can feel your excitement as you trace the bats around your area.

  2. A lovely birthday present Si! I have had a detector for a few years now, good to find out where the bats are in your area and garden of course!

  3. What a super imaginative present - obviously from someone who knows you very well.

  4. I've certainly detected bats now in various locations

  5. A grand bit of kit. I wrecked my one by forgetting to take the battery out when I put it away and forgot about it for over a year. Battery leaked and corroded the terminals.