Sunday 13 April 2014

Bees, Butterflies and my own Paris - Roubaix

No hospital visit today, so took advantage of the nice weather to relax, drink tea in various places, and not be made to feel nauseous by my stepfather's rickety smelly Peugeot 205 or the chemical stench of hospital.

This morning I headed off for Sconce Park and the fun little Rumbles cafe project. I took my tea outside and investigated the flower bed.

All sorts of goodies were present. Ranging up from tiny flies, through big buzzy bumblebees, to butterflies, there was a lot of life to take in amidst the colourful blooms. Potentially the most interesting, and the most impossible to photograph, was a large ginger bumblebee I took to be a carder bee. The all black specimen I have no idea about at all, in fact bumblebees are a very weak area for me. Hopefully readers of this blog will have an answer.

Small tortoiseshell at Sconce Park
Peacock showing wonderful subtle colouring and tonal changes in the eyespots
Bumblebee that matches the flower perfectly
Perhaps a non bumblebee species?
All black bumblebee
 After an enjoyable sojourn watching the famous cobbled Paris - Roubaix cycle race, I headed out for my own 15 mile bike odyssey, ostensibly to have a look at Cotham FLash to see if any yellow wagtails or wheatears have arrived, but really just for the love of being outside on a nice day. 


Cotham Flash paddocks was entirely devoid of bird life, and a little nearer Hawton, I had a great view of a malicious buzzard that watched me struggle to get my little field glasses out, and then flew off the moment I had done so. It would have been killing itself laughing when it was said field glasses fall out of my pocket, and smash themselves to bits on the road.

Not expensive ones, and there may be a spare pare, but an annoyance. THis prompted me to put some speed on, and head to Farndon to off road cycle back along the river, swooping past the peacocks and small tortoiseshells and occasional small white, and wondering where all the brimstones are all of a sudden.

The sun was low and shining bright. People were out walking the dog, cycling, sitting in beer gardens. It was just a lovely afternoon.

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