Friday 18 April 2014

All the Bees in the World

Unlike birds, bees and bumblebees are a far better photo opp for the cash strapped naturalist with only a mobile phone camera. Some bees are obliging, and will happily sit on a flower for a while allowing themselves to be photgraphed from all angles, while others are nervous, sensitive to human presence and barely settle for a second.

As with butterflies, the trick is to get as close as you can, as quietly as you can, and don't let your shadow fall on the insect, that seems to scare them more than anything. But, be prepared to be frustrated. A lot.

I'm no expert in identifying bumblebees, but I think the dark bee below may be a field cuckoo bumblebee male, which is a more uncommon specimen of these big buzzers!

First up, a honey bee of some kind
Field cuckoo bumblebee, male, I think
Magnficent garden bumblebee queen
Her Majesty
Tree bumblebee
Fabulous detail in this garden bumblebee shot

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