Saturday 31 August 2013

Pina Colada Under the Stars

Managed to find a brief window of clear sky last night when I returned home, and so decided that the first priority was to...

...make a drink...

...then grad my 10x50s, and make my way outside.

I know it happens every year, but it is always sad to see the summer triangle begin to sink into the west. Ophiuchus and my favourite little IC4665 is gone, Scutum disappearing, and even Aquila the Eagle is looking a mite tired as he flaps his wings at 130am.

Obviously this means the autumnal sights are starting to rise, and I was thus able to pick out Messier 15 in Pegasus, The great Andromeda Spiral, the double cluster and Messier 34 in Pegasus, various open clusters in Cassiopeia, and of course Kemble's Cascade, which I study in depth now every chance I get.

New objects in view were Messier 33, the Triangulum Spiral, which I was now able to pick up, a ghostly ellipsoid whisping across the blackness of the universe behind it - and also the Pleides were definining Atumun's arrival by peeking above the church rooftop. They were beautiful in binoculars, blue white diamonds in the sky. I have never been able to pick up the nebulosity around them, well, this is a town, I'm glad to be able to see them at all.

But it also means that soon, it will be too cold to have Pina Colada's outside.

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