Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Prisoner Escaped!

Today I am off shift. I am free.

I celebrated by getting up early, and grumpily, to do my Parkrun, and fearing the arrival of bad weather in the afternoon, immediately on returning set off on my bicycle along the cycle path towards Cotham.

The verges were full of life, I was accompanied all the way by the sight of gatekeepers - up for about a week or so - ringlets, meadow browns and large whites. Rosebay willowherb decorated the hedgerows, and various birds darted across my path.

The stench from Cotham tip was like vomit, but I was past it in a flash.

I cycled out towards Elston, seeing many yellowhammers and chaffinches in the hedges. Peacock butterflies were warming themselves up on the road, and far from water, a banded demoiselle flew by me. I flushed a kestrel from a telegraph wire, and as I turned off towards Thorpe, a big bronzed brown hawker swept by my face as a horde of large white butterflies looked on.

I was racing, catching up a pair of folk on a weekend ride, and politely passing them as we entered pretty Thorpe village, a village that badly misses the pub that would make it a perfect place to live.

I enjoyed my 15 mile, hour long ride, but I was saddened too. There were three fly tips I passed, a sight I find more depressing and disgusting with every passing day.

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