Friday, 19 July 2013

Got you at last mr demoiselle!

Banded Demoiselle next to a fishing peg on the Farndon reach
Another banded demoiselle
Great Crested Grebe Family
In this heat, I figured it would be best to wait for early evening to indulge in a running expedition to Farndon. Willow Holt is being cropped and is inaccessible, and a bloody great tent obstructs my oh so effortless running style as I pass the pub. Only one dragonfly most of the way, a powder blue flash under my nose indicated the presence of the first broadd-bodied chaser of the year.

The flight of this speeding dragonfly led me to sight a bird amongst the now flowerless oilseed rape, a shy little bird flitting low above the plant level, dark tail, with white flashes. My immediate thought was "reed bunting" - but I could be wrong. 

And then, finally, I got my long hoped for pictures of a live banded demoiselle. The males were very flighty tonight, females not in evidence. But I got my shot at last! 

The evening was still hot, and I swigged lemon juice as I trotted round. Lots of folk out enjoying the sun and river at a much slower pace than I was, and they were probably the smart ones!

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