Tuesday 11 June 2013

Ringlets Are Up!!!

Was running out through Willow Holt in Farndin today, the pretty Notts Wildlife Trust that sits between the village and the river.

After running over from Farndon, spotting a linnet (I think) on a telegraph wire, and noting how quickly the barley is growing in the field - but that the swallows are not maruauding along the tractor lanes for food yet - I arrived in Wyke Lane to be choked with dust being thrown up by a road sweeper. Consequently I entered the reserve by jumping over a gate.

As I ran through this long grass meadow, annoyed by thistles, paranoid of tick bites, I saw a couple of small whites fluttering about. But as the field opened out, suddenly I scared up large numbers of small, newly metamorphosed Ringlet butterflies. They were less than half the size of a full grown adult, and had the lovely, newly emerged purple black colouration they will lose as the summer goes on.

Along the river, I was disappointed to still not see any damselflies - maybe it was a touch cold today. But, another first for the year was recorded, and as ever, I just love running along listening to Radio 4!

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